Saturday, April 11, 2009

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


i've moved, this blog doesn't let me breath. its aura is TOTALLY OVER coloured.


Sunday, January 18, 2009


i'm entirely sick to death of everything seen here:

working retail and going to art-school have probably added to the rapid decline of these in my regards. I'M GUILTY TOO GUYS, WE ARE ALL IN THE WRONG HERE.

i'm calling for some sort of revolution, whats next!? if i see more fake ray-ban wayfarers, ironic hats, unnecessary eye-glasses, or neon, come spring i'll flip.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009


i'm astounded by the recent discovery of a performance troupe from the sixties and seventies called the cockettes. i don't know how i haven't stumbled on them somehow already. the documentary, the cockettes, is delightful and low-budget.


i have been going through this stage where i think i need to streamline and de-clutter and modernize and grow up. but damn these guys make me want to add to my old-lady opium den wardrobe feathers and velvet and lace and fur and jewelry jewelry. and i'm mourning the lack of beautiful boys with no boundaries, drug habits, christ-complexes, and curly curly beard heads here in 2009.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


i am so racked with boredom. i am usually very content to do nothing. i actually left my house with the intention (and the shorts) to work out. someone is in the weight room so thats out.

i have watched some great movies. Pink Narcissus, and Matador. I wouldn't recommend Pink Narcissus. Its beautiful but too
aimless. Its better as a google image search than as a movie. Oh i take that back, watch it, if like me you have 100 years of nothing ahead of you.

Matador is really good, another Almodovar movie. It is somehow even more pulpy than his other movies, but i've seen them in almost reverse chronology.

I previously mentioned what a Q T PIE antonio banderas was...there is a funny part where antonio comes to turn him self in (for attempted rape) and the woman at the police station says, "some girls are too lucky." The common denominator between the two movies was a bullfighter. I have been sort of intrigued with the i think i'll take my obsessive personality for a stroll down to the library for some leisure reading on spanish bullfighting. Also i will probably dye some socks pink.

another pastime of mine has been reading jane austen. i got a volume of her collected works from savers and just started to read last night. I'm halfway through Emma. I like her writing because its perfect for my mood right now. Her stories are or seem to be about trivial things but then you get wrapped up in them and then you are clued in on character flaws and little lies and secrets and it all becomes this huge deal. society used to be so fun, i get the feeling. everyone goes on and on about things that you as a modern reader feel are none of their damn business. Talking forever about the manners of someone they've never met! So silly and fun to read. Also i have to say that Emma is a tough heroine to get behind, she is really selfish and mislead. BUT THATS HALF THE FUN.

i'm screwed with work, i have no hours at either and will have to get a third just to make one real job. jeez louieezze.

Monday, December 29, 2008


Isabella Rossellini did these two minute videos for sundance about the mating rituals of insects. i like the bee one best i think.